Anne Lucas, M.A. – Ann is a psychotherapist and mediator with over 25 years experience.  She is the clinical director of The Evergreen Clinic in Kirkland, a practice which is comprised of more than 20 mental health and other health care practitioners.  Anne is a principle trainer in Collaborative Law and was a co-founder of the leadership institute of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  In addition to her supervisory and training activities, she has a large and varied mediation practice.

Karen Bonnell, ARNP, M.S – Karen has been a psychotherapist for more than 35 years and is the author of The Co-Parents Handbook and the recently published The Stepfamily Handbook.  Karen has presented on multiple occasions on issues related to parenting and dispute resolution in various forums, including the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Annual Conference, the Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference and the AFCC Annual Conference.  

Elise Buie, Attorney at Law – Elise has practiced family law in Louisiana, Minnesota and Washington for 23 years.  She is the principal of Elise Buie and Associates, a Seattle family law firm.  Her practice includes the representation of parties in both litigated and collaborative divorce matters, as well as provision of Title 26 Guardian ad Litem Services.  

Joseph Shaub, Attorney at Law, LMFT –  Joe was the chair of the KCBA’s Psychology of Divorce day-long seminar which has been presented on three separate occasions over the past five years.  He has been an adjunct instructor at U.W. School of Law for more than 10 years and was Visiting Clinical Professor at Seattle University Law School.  He has been approved by the WSBA to provide continuing legal education on many occasions over the past 20 years.  He has been a presenter at the Washington State Family Law Section Mid-Year on numerous occasions as well as the Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference.

Kristen Little, M.A. – Kristen is a psychotherapist with over 15 years experience working with children.  She is a licensed mental health counselor and a Washington certified child mental health specialist.  She has been a principle child specialist in the King County Collaborative Law community and has presented on parenting issues in divorce on numerous occasions, including at the KCBA Psychology of Divorce program.

Marnee Milner, JD, PhD – Marnee is both a Washington licensed attorney and psychologist.  Her current practice includes the provision of psychotherapeutic services, mediation and parenting evaluations.  She has presented on a wide variety of topics, including confidentiality and privilege for therapists; domestic violence issues and research on the efficacy of various types of co-parenting arrangements.  She was also a speaker at the KCBA Psychology of Divorce program.

Note: For further information on any of the above speakers, please contact Joseph Shaub – (206) 587-0417 or joe@josephshaub.com